Surgutneftegas meets Geo Sys

28. February 2013 | By


February 18th employees of the company Surgutneftegas had visit the Geo Sys location in Leipzig Germany. The main reason of this delegation was to perform an inspection of the 12 geophysical logging trucks which are currently in the construction process. The contract for the purchase of this new geophysical equipment has been signed in Russia last year 2012.

The engineers of Surgutneftegas had detected many advantages (like quality, technical improvement, functionality….) of our Geo Sys logging truck system compare to other competitors on the market.

Furthermore, it has been proofed that the company Geo Sys GmbH will fulfill all time lines, milestones and the delivery date which has been set in advance.

Thank you for your trust in Geo Sys GmbH.


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